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It is thanks to the support of guide runners that our blind and visually impaired runners are able to take to the streets and roads; as such, we are deeply appreciative of the wonderful contribution of our volunteer guide runners in enabling our members with a visual disability to do what they do. It is not complicated to be a guide runner - on the contrary, it is fun. As a first time guide, we will pair you with an experienced team at a group run so that you can see guide running in action before trying it for yourself. For a tutorial on how guide running is done, United in Stride has developed an excellent resource ( and we encourage you to take a look! We hope you'll consider giving guide running a try.

Please complete a Guide Information Form (below) or download a pdf of the paper form and mail it to us. If you would prefer the form be emailed to you, please send an email to

Guides are encouraged to become members of Achilles Ottawa. Annual membership with Achilles Ottawa costs $25 and we encourage guides to please complete an Achilles Ottawa Membership Form (below), which can be emailed or mailed to us. Guides may pay directly in-person or provide a cheque, payable to Achilles Ottawa in the amount of $25 to: Achilles Ottawa Membership, c/o Christian Kolking, 363 Avenue South, Ottawa, ON K1Y0W6

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